About CookingMaven.COM

What is CookingMaven.COM?

CookingMaven.COM is a website dedicated to the recipes of Ben's family members. On this site there will be tips, help, and a respect of chefs (or cooks) in general. There will be many unique features on this page to help you learn to cook, or improve your cooking skills.

How can I contact the editor/webmaster?

You can contact Ben by e-mailing him at ben@cookingmaven.com or on Twitter @theCookingMaven where he will respond as soon as he reads the email.

Can I submit material to CookingMaven.COM?

Yes, just send your questions or tips to ben@cookingmaven.com or on Twitter @theCookingMaven for Ben to review it.

What if I have trouble accessing CookingMaven.COM web pages?

AQHost is providing hosting for CookingMaven.COM. If attempts to access the server result in a message that the server is unavailable, please send e-mail's to ben@cookingmaven.com to notify the editor.

How can I help support CookingMaven.COM?

As you probably saw, there is an "Ask the Maven!" page. All of the questions that will be posted there are submitted to Ben. To have your questions answered by the maven, just send an e-mail to ben@cookingmaven.com. Also, referring people to visit this site is a big help to the visibility of CookingMaven.COM.

What is the web hosting "set-up" for CookingMaven.COM?

The CookingMaven.COM web site is hosted by AQHost.

Can I put a link to CookingMaven.COM on my web page?

Yes! If you do, please email me at ben@cookingmaven.com. For any further questions, please feel free to stay in touch via email.

How can I find out what's new at CookingMaven.com?

Ben will post updates on twitter when he adds something big, and you can also see a listing of changes here, at the Site History page.

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This site is dedicated to the memory of Maxine Jindrich Power and Bessie Weinstein Pokodner.

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