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For those who use CookingMaven.COM

Internet user privacy and confidentiality is of the utmost importance to CookingMaven.COM. Our reputation and integrity is directly related to how we serve our visitors. Please find below a description of how CookingMaven.COM strives to protect the privacy of Internet users, and maintain the Internet as a highly credible medium.

User Information

All users who receive content and ads served by CookingMaven.COM retain complete anonymity where CookingMaven.COM is concerned. As content or ads are delivered, CookingMaven.COM does not acquire or collect any personal information about you. Your name, address, phone number, and email address all remain your private properties.

There are instances where a user may provide specific personal information in response to an web page or ad containing a survey, purchase agreement, or registration questionnaire. CookingMaven.COM does not sell this information. CookingMaven.COM does not use cookies.

Third-Party Measurement Services

Often, advertisers will employ a third-party measurement service for tracking the performance of an ad program. In these instances, CookingMaven.COM has no control over the information collected by the third-party, and may not be held responsible for the actions of the third-party measurement service where collected information is concerned. If you have questions regarding different third-party measurement services and their respective methods of information collection, please contact


CookingMaven.COM openly volunteers its practices of collecting information, its targeting capabilities, and its use of cookies. If you have any questions pertaining to this privacy policy and its contents, please direct your correspondence to

CookingMaven.COM reserves the right to change our policy from time to time. A revised policy will apply to information collected after the date the policy is changed.

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